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Pop Culture Group Co., Ltd is a hip-pop culture company in China. Through our services, we aim to promote hip-hop culture and its values of love, peace, unity, respect, and having fun, and to promote cultural exchange with respect to hip-hop between the United States and China. We do this mainly by delivering event experiences with significant hip-hop elements to the younger generation.

With the values of hip-hop culture at our core and the younger generation as our primary target audience, we host entertainment events, operate hip-hop related online programs, and provide event planning and execution services and marketing services to corporate clients. We seek to create value for stakeholders in all parts of the hip-hop ecosystem, from fans to artists, corporate clients, and sponsors.

We have in recent years focused on developing and hosting our own hip-hop events, including a stage play, three dance competitions or events, two cultural and musical festivals, and two promotional parties that feature live hip-hop performances in karaoke bars or amusement parks to promote hip-hop culture, and we cooperate with music companies and artists to host various concerts in China. Our concerts and hip-hop events generated an aggregate attendance of 124,880 and 120,200 during the six months ended December 31, 2019 and 2020, respectively, and our online hip-hop programs generated over 153 million views during the six months ended December 31, 2020.

We help corporate clients with the design, logistics, and layout of events, coordinate and supervise the actual event set-up and implementation.

We provide marketing services, including (i) brand promotion services, such as trademark and logo design, visual identity system design, brand positioning, brand personality design, and digital solutions, and (ii) other services, primarily advertisement distribution, to corporate clients.

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